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 In the Latest Issues of BLEACH...

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Ikasury (The Raikage)

Ikasury (The Raikage)

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In the Latest Issues of BLEACH... Empty
PostSubject: In the Latest Issues of BLEACH...   In the Latest Issues of BLEACH... EmptySat Nov 16, 2013 5:39 pm


In the Latest Issues of BLEACH... Komawt10

so yes... one of my favorite captains, who happens to be an anthropomorphic canine, turned... into a human... i don't know whether to cry or drool... he's looks so badass~

and yes, that's something i did myself... i only had paint to play with T.T

also, also, i no point in doing this other then doing this as a WOO! there's a bleach forum XD

Knowledge is power... and i want it all.
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In the Latest Issues of BLEACH...
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