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 How to Roleplay

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PostSubject: How to Roleplay   How to Roleplay EmptyMon Oct 14, 2013 10:43 pm

1.Know how to show commands in role-playing. Some of the most common ways to type out commands are to use these symbols then type any action that you are doing between them.
You can use DASHES ( - - )You can use ASTERISKS ( * * )The more modern way is to just type normal. For example, Jon walked up to Billy and said, "Hey Billy! Long time no see."

2.Avoid typing commands like this:
*Says how are you doing?*

3.Say it without typing something like what is shown up above. Here are a few examples on correct ways to do role-playing:
*Dances on the dance floor* Hey, you want to dance with me?-Looks around to see if there are intruders- This land isn’t safe, we should find safer grounds- Jon walked over to the school bench slowly then sat down, staring at the big fat F on his paper. -*Looks at you* What's up?

4.Be creative with details. Role-playing is all about details, typing somewhat quick, and having a wide open imagination. Cause without those, you are going to have one really boring roleplay.

5.Set up a roleplay beginning.
Now, this is most likely the most important part of the role-playing sequence.This is because when you are role-playing, you don’t really need to plan ahead, but you need to know how to start out a story.Normally it is best that before you roleplay with someone, you talk to them about where the SETTING is at. This is a very important key to keeping a story going, because you don’t want to just say something random then have the other person become confused, cause the storyline doesn’t match what they expected.

6. Know how to pause, and jump out of the roleplay when you are being involved with other parts of your life. This is the only REAL way to jump out of a ROLE-PLAY temporarily or permanently is to use PARENTHESES ( ).
The PARENTHESES are used when you need to take a break or leave the game cause you got busy with something else. Now, I’m going to show you an example on how to use these correctly:
EX: *Continues to sit on the floor against the wall*

7. Know when to use the parentheses. Now, when it comes to the PARENTHESES, you can use them a lot or you can use them rarely, but when using them you need to make sure that you use them with caution cause if you constantly type them in, you may ruin the game for you and the other role-player.

8. Now back to the SETTING. This is a very delicate part of the whole ROLE-PLAYING subject, cause if you have no real storyline to start out at, the ROLE-PLAY will be very boring cause neither of you will have any clue on how to react anymore. So, anyways, when you want a SETTING to be created, it is best you talk about it ahead of time cause you wouldn’t want to start a game without any idea of where it takes place at.

9. Talk to the person who you want to ROLE-PLAY with or who wants to ROLE-PLAY with me, and ask what the SUBJECT/SETTING of the story is about. Many people get into a long detailed storyline about their life or something similar. People also do ROLE-PLAYING that is like a fantasy movie, its full of mythology or other assortments.

10. Make sure you know what you are role-playing about, and then just go with the flow. Role-playing is all about being freestyle, there is no exact storyline to everything, role-playing isn’t like a book, you don’t just read through and follow everything the way you think they should be, sometimes, mistakes are meant to be made. Whew! that's a doozy, but there you go (all 2 of you that check this out)
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How to Roleplay
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