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 Guide to Success

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Excalibur (Kami)
Excalibur (Kami)

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Guide to Success  Empty
PostSubject: Guide to Success    Guide to Success  EmptySat Oct 05, 2013 12:35 am

Welcome to our forum website. Here you can talk about Dbz, Naruto, and Pokemon. And if you have something different you would like to discuss then go to discussions and scroll down to “Other”. Once you do that post a topic about your anime we will watch the anime and put it up for discussion. Here we make up games, stories, and what if battles. If you need help knowing any of that dont worry just go to the help directory and as soon as possible me or one of my admins will help you out the best they can. Here if you want to write a fanfic/story to post it in one of the discussion forums but you think its missing alittle spark to it. We got you covered an Admin will read it and help you out. Although if you want to fix everything for you, you will have to go to shop and with the points you earn you can post a request in the shop and a admin will take the points and give you're new and improved story. Here we want to help those who need it and we like to have fun. So if you are confused about anything for example Naruto just dont be scared and post it in the Naruto Section. When you are a member you will stay as a member. If you want to be able to be part of the stuff we do. You must at least put up one story or fanfic. We need that so we can put you in a class or group of people who match the same capabilities as you.

So if your a new member do the following.

1) Go through the rules

2) Go to “Recruiting” and reply who or what brought you here

2) Choose a place for discussion where you think you will fit in (You can choose more then one) and do the following rules in the discussion. And join the discussion as a member.

3) Once you do that, plan and then you can post a fanfic idea in the section. If your fanfic idea has gained enough attention you will be put in a group or team.(you can post as many fanfics idea as you want)

Btw guest is saiyan core. Im sorry for the confusion.

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Guide to Success
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