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We are a select group of warriors, destined to surpass all limitations! We come, we train, and we hope to one day acend to legendary status! We break all limits and always reach our goal, a new level of strength beyond our wildest dream!
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 Job Application

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Excalibur (Kami)
Excalibur (Kami)

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Job Application  Empty
PostSubject: Job Application    Job Application  EmptySat Oct 05, 2013 12:47 am

Price: 150 points

Retake: 300 points

1) Username:

2) Hobbies:

3) What rank/group are you in?:

4)Why should we let you join:

5) What can you do to help us:

6) Have you seen and know about Naruto? If you do prove it:

7) Have you seen and know about Dbz? If you do prove it:

Cool Have you seen and know about Rosario + Vampire? If you do prove it:

9) Have you seen and know about Pokemon? If you do prove it:

Give us the 1st chapter of the story/fanfic your working on:

Reply your answers to the Job Application *If you dont have enough points in Account then application wont count*
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Job Application
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