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 Kekkei Genkai Ideas!

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nayod78 (4th Hokage)

nayod78 (4th Hokage)

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Kekkei Genkai Ideas! Empty
PostSubject: Kekkei Genkai Ideas!   Kekkei Genkai Ideas! EmptyThu Oct 24, 2013 2:26 am

Hello everyone, Nayod back for more of whatever this is called! Another Question came to mind: What ideas do you have for kekkei genkai?
I'm not going to share mine just yet; Ikasury will vouch for me when I say it's a little wordy. So, go ahead! Give me your ideas! I'd love to know!

Beat me? Ha! And you said I was arrogant!
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Ikasury (The Raikage)

Ikasury (The Raikage)

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Kekkei Genkai Ideas! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kekkei Genkai Ideas!   Kekkei Genkai Ideas! EmptyThu Oct 24, 2013 4:46 am

are we talking just elemental shenanigans like 'wood' or actual HOLYSHITWHATTHEFUCKISTHIS!! blood-type attack things... cause i love that crazy XD

letsee... 'elements' are the easy ones: metal, void, life/death, shadows, lava, paper (i always wondered if this was a subform of 'wood' manipulation since paper is made from trees...) sound, light, blood, explosions, etc. etc. whatever can be 'manipulated'

well i'm always a fan of time-screwy things... and there is that 'technique', Po (Stepping) i made for my Assassins in my one story, basically: capable of stopping time for a short period to assassinate targets, manipulate things unseen (has a pretty hefty drawback if overused, gotta keep things 'fair' Razz)... don't really know if its a bloodline... or just clan technique shenanigans... but 'eh', that's a thing~

another story i'd done invisibility as a bloodline, and 'mimic' which was actually a form of body/flesh manipulation (could 'grow' extra bodyparts/limbs, even to a full other self, real and everything)


yea, that... don't think your portal-demon-thingy is all that weird compared to what my head can come up with for a situation~

*goes back to watching TFSDBZA*

Knowledge is power... and i want it all.
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Kekkei Genkai Ideas!
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