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 What is your top ten favorite Naruto characters, and why?

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Kakashi Attacke(Kazekage)


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PostSubject: What is your top ten favorite Naruto characters, and why?   Tue Oct 29, 2013 10:48 pm

Woo, another topic. Razz

My personal top ten:

1. Deidara- Just cuz~! X3

2. Kakashi-sensei- Because he is BAD ass. And awesome.

3. Sasori- Juuuuuust cuz~~! Oh, and awesome puppet skillz.

4. Pain- Haha, awesomeness and more awesomeness.

5. Gaara- Awesome and is an EARTH BENDER!!! Razz Oh yeah, and osnk, onsk, onsk, onsk, Gaara of the Funk! (Go watch Naruto Abridged on Youtube.)

6. Tobi- TOBI IS A GOOD BOY!!!!11!!!!1!!!one!!!!

7. Rock Lee- He's strong and loyal...yeah.

8. Hidan- Skillz.

9. Neji- Duuuuude, the By-ak-u-gan. (Again, Naruto Abridged.)

10. Zetsu- Everybody likes Zetsu...right? *crickets chirp* ...Anyone?

So, what's YOUR top 10?

They laughed at my sandcastle...so I made them a sand coffin.
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Excalibur (Kami)

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PostSubject: Re: What is your top ten favorite Naruto characters, and why?   Wed Oct 30, 2013 12:06 am

Mine are;


2)Kakashi- he is cool


4) neji - BYAKUGAN

5) sasuke- same reason for kakashi

6) naruto - clumsy, persistant

7) shikamaru- smart

8)stunade - huge tiiiii.... I mean strength

9) shino - same reason as sasuke

10) isss jiriaya - perverted, funny
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Ikasury (The Raikage)


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PostSubject: Re: What is your top ten favorite Naruto characters, and why?   Wed Oct 30, 2013 3:30 am

gonna do this in reverse, more suspense, hehe:

10) Killer Bee!! - Hachibi Jinchuuriki, HE RAPS!! Very Happy and is fun, love his sword 'style'

9) Nii Yugito - Nibi Jinchuuriki AND AWESOME!! kumo-nin, style, practical, bamf konoichi~

Cool THE RAIKAGE!! - he's a freakin' super-saiyan... and BAMF! what more can i say?

7) Hyuuga HINATA!! - aside from being uber-cute pre-skip, a TOTAL BAMF!! post-skip, the kitten grew up into a goddamn tiger, do not **** with... also only one in the running with Tsunade with boobs of steel *snickers* and still goddamn cute!

6) Uchiha Itachi - a true goddamn hero, and the only Uchiha worth having around <3

5) Orochimaru - true neutral, gave Anko her 'don't give a ****' attitude as he gives less fucks, creepy, sannin, made of awesome~ <3

4) Tsunade - boobs of steel!! a well developed female character that makes damn sense and doesn't just cry all the damn time... godaime, sannin, chief medical expert<3

3) Jiraiya - author, pervert, sannin, AWESOME!! <3<3<3

2) Mitarashi Anko - the definition of BAMF!! style, deadly, awesome job, sense of humor, techniques, and that 'i don't give a ****' attitude <3


for 1) i actually have two, obscure-ish ones, as i can't decide of the two i like more:

1B) Tenten - probably the BEST konoichi in the entire series, i wish she had more screen time, i wanna see her have fun with that bancho fan... plus if you REALLY think about her ability, she's the most effective killer in the series "100% accuracy" after all... plus her style and effective use of altering between every kind of weapon is fantastic, the amount of martial prowess she has trumps pretty much anyone else due to her skill with ALL weapons and creative uses of them... plus she's adorable when in 'weapon-fangirling' mode XD <3

1A) Hyuuga Hiashi - such a BAMF... such a goddamn BAMF... head of his own clan, master of Jyuuken like no one else, and most importantly, he is flawed... he's suffered a lot in his life and managed to stay sane, unlike a LOT of people in the naruto-verse, and while he wasn't the greatest parent, i can understand what he was 'trying' to do, he wanted his daughters to be strong, and when they show him you can tell he cares deeply for his family, just doesn't show it as it'd be weakness... he's more of a samurai then anyone in Iron in my opinion, and he's willing to admit he's wrong, sure its like pulling teeth, but he does when facing his bro again, and he's proud of it... <3<3<3 :3

my <3 of peeps~

Knowledge is power... and i want it all.
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nayod78 (4th Hokage)


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PostSubject: Re: What is your top ten favorite Naruto characters, and why?   Wed Oct 30, 2013 7:07 pm

Okay... my turn Twisted Evil 

I'll do the same as Ikasury did, starting with 10.

10: Neji Hyuuga. This guy had awesome character development from the Chuunin Exams to the War, and they didn't try to stretch it out to the point where it became not-awesome. They ended his stary when it was finished, easy as that.

9: Minato Namikaze. The perfect example of what a Hokage should be prepared to do. He made a mistake in what he expected from the village, but his sacrifice was very moving, considering he actually cared about the village enough to give his own life. And he's the junior stalker.... (Ref. Rainstorm, chapter 5).

8: Tobirama. Just being able to say, "I invented that jutsu," to basically every non-elemental jutsu (I believe elemental jutsus are a given. Sure, Chidori, but oh well.) in existence is just B.A.

7: Nibi/ Matatabi. Why? Because she's awesome, cute, and a mother-f***ing blue-flaming cat. WITH TWO TAILS!!!!

6: Shikamaru Nara. I would elaborate on his awesome intellect and stuff, but I'm too lazy and it would be troublesome.

5:Gaara. The first and most well-advanced (and not dead) character changed by Naruto. Sure, that happens a lot along the story, but he's the first. Did I mention he's the Kazekage and was a sleep-deprived jinchuriki? No? Well it's been mentioned now.

4. Tobi (NOT THE ONE UNDER THE MASK!!!!). To be honest, I hated Tobi's fall. He once was a villain who killed for the sake of it, wasn't in love with a dead thirteen year old, and CONTROLED THE BIJUU AS HIS OWN PATHS!!!!! And then the mask fell off... Still, the villainous Tobi will always hold a special place in my heart. He was, in fact, a very good boy.

3: Konan. A BAMF, she held her own against Tobi before he pulled the ever-upgrading Sharingan on her. She was cold, had a great backstory, and was one of the other well-executed side-changers. I also think she's completely underrated by people who don't realize she nearly soloed the main villain in the series.

2: Nagato Uzumaki: For one, he was able to destroy the village. Awesome stuff, and he also was awesome and from Amegakure, same as Konan. Best backstory ever, and one of the few Rinnegan possessors that ACTUALLY USED IT!!!! (Madara and Tobi? Not unless it's absorbing jutsu.)

And finally...


Haha just kidding....
Actually it's:


Just kidding again. Sure, he founded the Akatsuki, but most of my opinion of him is from my story, so it doesn't count.

1: Itachi Uchiha. Yeah, everyone loves him, but... he's just awesome, k? Need I explain? Anyone who hasn't read or watched to the reason, you'll know when you get there.

Beat me? Ha! And you said I was arrogant!
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Kakashi Attacke(Kazekage)


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PostSubject: Re: What is your top ten favorite Naruto characters, and why?   Wed Oct 30, 2013 8:01 pm

XD Now that you mention it...I probably should've gone in reverse. lol

They laughed at my sandcastle...so I made them a sand coffin.
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PostSubject: Re: What is your top ten favorite Naruto characters, and why?   Sat Nov 16, 2013 12:43 am

1. Shikamaru (His laid-back personality)
2. Hinata (She's adorable)
3. Gaara (He has such a sad past makes me want to cuddle him ;-Wink
4. Neji (I like his transformation from ass to ... not ass ... )
5. Sasuke (His duckbutt hair... I don't really like his personality much but that smirk is epic)
6. Kisame (xD LandShark! His mom was a mermaid pfft- I love Kisame he's fangirl deprived)
7. Itachi (I like his personality... all quiet and mysterious e.o)
8. Lee (He just cracks me up and he's a good guy... just a little insane)
9. Naruto (I love how he can go from idiot to deep thinker)
10. Temari (She's pretty bad-ass)

"I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity" -Edgar Allen Poe
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PostSubject: Top ten   Sat Nov 16, 2013 10:38 am


Sasuke (Because he is my shipping whore xD)
Itachi (Because I love him so damn much)
Naruto (He never gives up)
Madara (He is awesome in so many ways)
Izuna (He is so cute)
Minato (Naruto's father, he created a hero xD)
Hashirama (Funny strong and Madara's bitch what do you want more??)
Kushina (Pretty, hot headed red head and gave birth to a hero)
Tsunade (Hot chick with medical skills who can fight! And she is funny xD)
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PostSubject: Re: What is your top ten favorite Naruto characters, and why?   

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What is your top ten favorite Naruto characters, and why?
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